DIGGING DIAMONDS: Revealing the Purpose of Your Brilliance


Yes! there is an anointing being released to empower Believers, especially women, to rise up and to step up as Kingdom Trailblazers.



Digging Diamonds: Revealing the Purpose of Your Brilliance is a collection of empowering transformational stories of Kingdom Trailblazers who were willing and committed to keep digging until they reached the other side of the promises and became fruitful in their land. Now, you have access to a brilliant inner circle of purpose-driven women of the Kingdom who are unbreakable, unstoppable and blazing trails of purpose, breakthroughs, blessings and legacies. Each Kingdom Trailblazer shares her inspirational story of spiritual growth. Take these inspirational stories which are shared heart to heart, and feel free to connect with any of us for more guidance and support.

Know your value. Own your story. Dig for diamonds.


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