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The Game-Changer Transformational Experience provides virtual Leadership Training, Personal Growth & Development and Transformational Coaching services for faith-driven Marketplace Leaders, Churches and Non-Profit organizations.


The Game-Changer Experience virtual campus is a one-of-a-kind experience which can be tailor designed for your Corporate vision, mission and goals as well as Individual needs and desires.

You know your organization needs leadership training and development to enhance growth, and build an internal infrastructure that will be in alignment as well as support the overall vision of the organization.

Furthermore, training and development will further clarify corporate core values, identity and branding positioning the organization for global reach, cultural influence and greater impact that will help make a difference and change lives.

You Know that NOW is the “set time” to be in position for greater access, resources and game-changing opportunities.

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8-week Virtual Life-Shifting Group “Game-Changer” Coaching Program

Celebrating the 2023 Game-Changers