It’s Time For You To Make Your Mark, Blaze Trails and Prosper!

Lougenia J. TrailBlazer Rucker, International Faith-Based Life-Coach
and Kingdom Mentor


Expect to change the game, and to be changed in return.”

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Do you have what it takes to be a game-changer in your personal life?

My sisters, take my hand and let’s walk the path of faith, love and prosperity together!

You were born with the purpose to be great, so why are you struggling to give yourself permission to claim your blessings?

Read that again…. Giving yourself permission is all that you need to begin your journey of empowerment.

Let me ask you this, do you have the courage and stamina to reach your destination?

If you do, let’s take the first steps right now!

But first, you need to:

Resist the urge to run from your rewards.

Release your inhibitions and start the process.

Rejoice because deliverance is on deck.

That’s not so hard is it?

As a ministry leader, author, speaker and an entrepreneur, I know firsthand what it takes to change the game. the path of the Game-Changer is reserved for the mighty in spirit. Now let me share some of the things that you can experience once you open your heart to be inspired and guided through coaching and mentorship:

* Unshakable faith to believe in yourself, God and the work that you are doing.

* Breakthrough out of the mindset of limitations and fear to move forward on purpose.

* Confidence to be a game-changer in your field of influence.

* Courage to accelerate your journey of personal growth, empowerment and leadership strategies.

* Financial independence, expansion and increase.


Begin your transformation today!

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Meet Dr. Lougenia “Trailblazer” Rucker,

your favorite faith based life-coach.

Woman of Faith, I am here for you.

As a Marketplace Apostle, Inspirational Speaker, Best-Selling Author and an innovative award-winning Business Owner, I know first hand what it takes to change the game and blaze trails. The path of Kingdom Trailblazers and Game-Changers is reserved for the bold and committed.

Now let me share some of the things that you can experience once you open your heart and mind to be inspired and guided through coaching and mentorship.

With each of my Game-Changer life coaching clients and my Diamond Heart Kingdom Mentorship clients, my focus is to deep dive into her goals and develop high impact strategies for success that won’t conflict with their kingdom core values.

At the end of the Game-Changer program you will have greater self-awareness and greater confidence to show up and to contribute meaningful impact in your very own unique way.

Fulfillment comes from the inside out. Self-love leads to self-care. Self-care leads to a selfless server. A selfless server is unstoppable and blazes trails.

Transformational Leader, Dr. Lougenia J. TrailBlazer Rucker will inspire, empower and transform your life on the next-level.


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10 Self-care Strategies

Self-love & Self-care blaze trails to purpose and prosperity.


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