Greetings Trailblazer. Welcome to the Next-Level!


This is what I know for sure: your Wealthy Zone is calling you higher,
now is the time to believe bigger, shift into your millionaire mindset, blaze new trails & prosper.

Dr. Lougenia J. TrailBlazer Rucker,
World-Class Transformational Mentor, Spiritual Strategist, Book Coach.
3x Amazon Best-Seller Author.

It’s Time For You To Make Your Mark, Blaze Trails and Prosper!


It’s Time to Redefine What Wealth Means To You!

We have crossed over into a New Beginning Season which is marked by one of the greatest “wealth transfer” of modern times.

Along with the wealth transfer comes the release of breakthroughs, significant shifts, rapid changes, debt-cancellations, new doors and a Re-Set Divine Empowerment to support Trailblazers and Game-Changers to boldly move forward and embrace the opportunity to re-define Wealth for themselves.

You know that you have been called to shine bright like a diamond and to serve at your highest level.

But you have too many great ideas with no guidance, support or accountability to Get Real Results and Real Money.

You’re MORE THAN READY for a new High Level where you get to “redefine” what wealth really means to you and live in your wealthy place.

But you recognize the need for more clarity and caring support in navigating the ever changing landscape of life, so that you can reposition yourself for Divine Favor, Success and Fulfillment – not just for you and your business – but for generations to come!

You’ve been seeking and praying for a faith-based Marketplace Mentor to help direct you in making “prosperity power moves” which will:

  • Enhance your wealth consciousness and develop the habit of asking yourself empowering questions that expand your confident-mindset.
  • Increase your visibility resulting in more contacts, conversations, engagements and deeper connections leading to building relationships, greater results and desired outcomes.
  • Amplify your game-changing gifts and “high-value” services and programs that will SHIFT you from your zone of excellence to a New Zone of Genius.
  • Expand your personal capacity to evolve into your fullest potential while attracting high level clients who you are thrilled to work with.
If you believe that you have the power to create wealth (Deut. 8:18), and that you can prosper regardless of the economy, circumstances or environment as long as you have an undeniable mindset, a strategic game-plan and a diamond clear path forward . . . then our DIAMOND HEART PROPHETIC MENTORSHIP (DHPM) is for you!
  • If you are ready to elevate your creditability with a new published Best-Seller Book sharing your story with millions… then DHPM is for you.
  • If you are ready to finally get your marketplace ministry or business off the ground and making a profit… then DHPM is for you.
  • If you are ready to “Launch & Prosper” with a customized empowered wealth plan that finally makes impact and creates blessings and generational legacies… then DHPM is for you.

This is your time to deep dive with ‘heart-to-heart’ Mentorship and Coaching which will leverage your gifts and experience positioning you onto a whole new floor of life with open doors as you redefine wealth and claim your wealthy place.

It’s time for TRANSFORMATION like you have not know!

If you are ready to walk into your wealthy place, then say YES to with our signature Diamond Heart Prophetic Mentorship program.

Let’s get you to a new level of living in your wealthy place . . .

Begin your transformation today!

Begin your transformation today!

Meet Dr. Lougenia “Trailblazer” Rucker,

Woman of Faith, I am here for you.

I am sent to the Marketplace as a strategic creative builder. My spiritual calling and mission is to mentor faith-based Leaders and Entrepreneurs who are ready to deep dive into building a thriving and profitable business. This divine path of purpose of creating wealth to make a difference, and creating CHANGE is for those who boldly believe that they have “power to create wealth” (Deut. 8:18), and trust in unlimited possibilities – for Faith is NOW.


connect with me today and schedule your complimentary mini transformation coaching session.

10 Declarations of the Wealth Transfer

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