Changing the Game from the Inside Out…….



Changing the Game from the Inside Out…….

If you are ready to breakthrough, experience “real change” from within, live your dreams and unlimited potential then you are ready to make Investment in You to achieve massive winning results from taking intentional purpose-driven actions with the support of your Transformational Life Coach.

If you are ready to own your voice, own your vision, be true to your core values and let the light of your purpose shine brilliantly, then lets connect and begin your transformational journey together.

When you work with me, I whole-heartedly support, encourage and empower you to gain greater clarity, identify and breakthrough barriers, up-level your confidence, take chare of your destiny and fulfill your destiny creating generational wealth and legacies.

Now is your set time grow forward, expand your mindset and enlarge your territory.

As your Life Coach & Kingdom Mentor, I will empower and equip you to:

  • Pivot for clarity and confidence.
  • Master your wealth mindset.
  • Set big goals for massive results
  • Build your brilliant Brand.
  • Identify and understand your one idea client
  • Set up systems and strategies to soar
  • Monetize your brilliance in the Marketplace



Game Changers Praise Reports…..

My client S Candee Winfield talks about her experience in the Diamond Heart Prophetic Mentorship

Thank You Apostle for 12 wonderful weeks of life giving, transforming, executing coaching sessions.  I love how you have held my hand through all of my ups and down, and there were many, but your daily and consistent push has help me to Maximize and Monetize my current businesses and launch fully into my new businesses.  I love the God in you Apostle and I am grateful for God placing such a powerhouse in my life.

C. Allen


As a graduate of the Game Changer Life Coaching Program with Lougenia Trailblazer Rucker, I can say for certain, that the entire trajectory of my life has been catapulted, shifted, changed, and skyrocketed to new heights.

DL Johnson


I thank God for you daily. You have done more for me in this short period of time in my life then most have connecting a life time. You truly are a gift of Empowerment. My Sister You Changed the Game.

C. James


Apostle Lougenia, I am almost fighting back tears writing this, because this has been such a life-changing experience for me. With all of the involvement, information, encouragement and simply gems of strategy to make us better, I’m forever grateful.  Better at what we’re doing as well as the strategy to do it in excellence and with the utmost intelligence and confidence. Having a better handle on what we’re attempting, knowing that with God all things are possible. Knowing that, with the gifts and talents that He has given, sometimes we need a coach, at least someone to stir up the gifts that are to be released; and I plan to release them.
One of the most profound messages that I personally got through this journey is that I have a voice, use it! There is something God wants said, and He has given me the tools to say it. There is something God wants done, and He has given me the gifts to do it. And He has connected me with Divine Diamonds Ministry, Apostle Lougenia “Trailblazer” Rucker to stir up the gifts, and I am forever grateful. Love you much!!!

H.C. Ward


I am deeply grateful for my Divine connection with the one and only Queen, Lougenia Trailblazer J. Rucker, who has been a true force in my life. Her sincere heart, knowledge and understanding that she so graciously shares with me has blessed me beyond measure. I am deeply grateful for her videos of empowerment for they have blessed my life and business tremendously. Queen Lougenia encourages me with words so powerful that they have become a game changer in my life in more ways than one. I say thank you Queen for being the remarkable and amazing woman you are!! I am grateful for your presence in my life!

Cynthia B.


Apostle Lougenia Rucker’s Game-Changer program and mentorship has been life-changing for me. As a result of the
information given, mentorship provided and networking opportunities furnished, I created an atmosphere around the
seeds of my goals, allowing them to flourish into an editing and creative writing business, recruiting business and have thereby, increased my net-worth through multiple streams of income. I also found love directly after finishing the program, and have now been happily married for three years. If you are looking for the right person gifted to help you flourish in your gifts, goals and destiny, then I highly recommend Apostle Dr. Lougenia Rucker. You won’t regret the investment you make in you.

Claudia S.


You must have at least one main Mentor in your life. I am super blessed to have Lougenia Trailblazer Rucker as my Spiritual Mother and my main Business strategist mentor. She empowers me to go forth in my purpose and to do it with boldness and excellence. Always walking by faith in the truth of the Holy Spirit. My husband Rev. Herbert Johnson Jr. and I are blessed to have her in our lives. We Thank you for believing in us individually and as a couple. Never judging but keeping it real with us in love. Thank you Apostle. #divinediamondministries I was bless to be honored as a 2018 Game Changer Divine Diamond Ministries and my husband was honored as well in 2019 as a Game Changer at the White Diamond Three Day Ball. #2018gamechanger #2019gamechanger

Carolvita J.

If you are ready to impact and influence the world with your inspiring message and brilliant work, then read more about my ground-breaking services and purpose-driven programs…….

Five Unique Opportunities to Dream BIG, Empower & Transform Your Life and Live Brilliantly on Purpose…


Diamond Heart Prophetic Mentorship is your one-on-one weekly personal mentorship with your dedicated faith-based Kingdom Mentor, Dr. Lougenia J. Rucker. This is a 90-Day Trailblazing Mentoring Experience providing life-changing “heart-to-heart” mentoring, laser coaching, masterminds, and caring support for Faith Leaders, Coaches, Business Owners, Game-Changers, Innovators and Trailblazers to manifest their next-level BIG visions with increased visibility, expanded territories, greater impact and multiple streams of income.



The Game Changer Life Coaching Program Is a 6 week intensive created to empower you to “Change the Game” in your personal life, business and / or ministry.

You are invited to cross over into your new season of greater Clarity, Confidence, Activation, Increase, Expansion and Enlargement with increased impact and influence.

This high-personal touch transformational Game-Changer Life Coaching Program will provide you with step-by-step coaching, processes, systems and support on how to create your brilliant & fulfilling life and business/ministry, on purpose, that you want and desire.


Are You Ready To Dig Diamonds and Dive Deep Into Your Hidden Treasures and Release Your Brilliance?


VIP “Diamond Heart” Mentorship Day (8 hours)



Work 1-to-1 with me to change the game of your life from the inside out resulting in greater awareness, clarification, confidence, affirmation, impartation, activation and manifestation which you have been seeking. Experience the breakthrough you need to get moving forward to the Next Level and the momentum to sustain the life-changing results your desire. Take your passionate dreams and great ideas and develop a Strategic Digital Plan for branding and marketing which will result in momentum and increased streams of income.




Stop putting your Greatness on hold!


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