Meet Dr. Rucker

International Trend-setter Marketplace Mentor. Spiritual Strategist.
3X Best-Seller Author & Book Coach.
Game-Changing Award Winning Business Owner.

Dr. Rucker has dedicated her life to empower and support women of faith, marketplace business owners and trailblazers. The divine wisdom gained from the lessons and blessings of life, as well as the spiritual encounters — bestows upon her the strategic foresight and insight by which to empower women to gain clarity, amplify confidence, exhibit courage to launch new programs and services, make powerful prosperity power moves on purpose and expand their capacity as well as their brand.

  • Marketplace Leader 100%
  • Keynote Speaker 100%
  • Mentor 100%
  • Best-Selling Author 100%

Mentorship for Apostle Lougenia is a heart-to-heart “spiritual mission” and her most sacred soul work in this season. This divine path of transformation is personalized for every Believer who connects and collaborates with her. Those who are intentional and ready to “take accountable action” to catapult to new levels of awareness, courage and abundance….will enter into their Genuis Zone.

This bold-faith transformational life-shifting customized growth journey will fully embrace the truth that you have been “given the power to create wealth” (Deuteronomy 8:18). Furthermore, it endeavors to position you as an undeniable Game-Changer and unstoppable Trailblazer no matter how challenging the path may become.

Her Empowering Mantra is: “God Is with You & You Can Not Fail”

As a pioneering Marketplace Leader, she seeks to serve through authentic deep dive coaching and heart to heart mentorship. She genuinely gives guidance and energy to her clients to breakthrough barriers, unlock their brilliance, come into soul alignment, and change the game by finding their voice, owning their stories, expanding their brands, evolving, and elevating their leadership potential in the digital marketplace.

There has been a SHIFT in the atmosphere and “wealth comes now.” Therefore, this is the time to dig deep and become unshakeable in your Faith, think BIG and Believe Bigger. This is a set time for greater inner awareness, forward thinking visions, creative communities, fruitfulness, multiple streams of revenues, established legacies and generational blessings.

As a Keynote Speaker, an award-winning entrepreneur and author of three best-selling Amazon books, Dr. Rucker supports 5-Fold Ministry Leaders to expand outreach ministries and accelerate business growth through visibility and digital media presence. In addition, she helps her clients to understand the value of establishing covenant relationships, collaborations, partnerships, cultural and spiritual transformations.

With virtual empowerment master classes, person to person transformational experiences, leadership training and her Signature deep dive coaching programs and high level “Diamond Heart Prophetic Mentorship,” she teaches, guides, and equips Business Owners and Leaders to master their mantles, leverage their gifts, strategize for impact, and monetize their brilliance.

Led by the Holy Spirit in 2009, Apostle Rucker as a dynamic 5-fold Leader, blazed trails by creating an internet-based Kingdom-driven online community, Divine Diamonds Ministries, to provide inspiration, edification, life-shifting coaching services, mentoring programs and empowering leadership trainings.

She has helped hundreds of women find the clarity, confidence and courage to step into their fullest potential through her international Game-Changer Life-Shifting Coaching program, which she established in 2016.

In recognition of her longstanding leadership, corporate management, ministry endeavors, and community work with youth, women, and families, in 2019, she was awarded an honorary Doctorate Humanitarian degree from Calvary Cross Institute.

Dr. Rucker holds a master’s degree in public administration. She spent her career in intergenerational community services, leadership training and corporate health care management, before answering the Call to ministry and mentorship.

She’s featured regularly in the media, including Speakers Magazine, Growth Women’s Business Network Magazine, Amazon LIVE, Scoop USA News, Atlanta 57, Gospel Tribune, and Comcast WDPN-TV. You can find her weekly FB LIVE Broadcast each Tuesday @ 8:00pmEST. Soon you will be able to watch her on global TV on THE FIVE-FOLD NETWORK.

Her weekly live-stream messages of inspiration, purpose and transformation can be found on YouTube, Divine Diamonds Ministries Facebook page, and in her Facebook Groups: Power UP / Prosper NOW and Game-Changer Transformation Nation.

This unapologetic Kingdom Mentor’s unwavering dedication to the empowerment of women includes providing trailblazing opportunities and leading initiatives such as the publication of the Amazon Best-Seller anthology, Digging Diamonds: Revealing the Purpose of Your Brilliance, featuring the powerful stories of 11 women who rose out of adversity to answer their life’s calling.

She is the Founder of the luxurious 2019 White Diamond Ball 3-Day Experience, which she formed to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of International Game-Changers who are blazing trails. Her next Spectacular Experience will be the 2023 Game-Changer “Pink” Celebration on October 7, 2023.

When you work with Dr. Lougenia, expect to change the game and to be changed in ways that you may not yet believe are possible for You.

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