Meet Dr. Rucker

Game-Changer “Breakthrough” Life Coach

Kingdom Mentor for Women Who Are Ready for Next-Dimensional Living Including Freedom, Personal Power and Abundance.

Transformational change agent, spiritual life coach, speaker and author, Lougenia Trailblazer Rucker, is a world-class leader whose mission is to empower women to break through the blocks that hold them back from living full out and on purpose.

Lougenia went from a life of glitz and glam to living in the shadows, as she took on the responsibility of caring for her mother through a 10-year illness. During that time Lougenia’s life took a complete 360-degree turn. She lost nearly everything – her part-time business, her full-time job, and the love of her husband.

One thing that was left intact was her dignity and a desire to lead other women on a path of inner healing. She rose like a phoenix from the ashes and embarked on a mission to help them overcome their fears, shift their mindsets, and turn their obstacles into opportunities of abundance, prosperity, and peace.

In 2009, she set out on a new spiritual path to give birth to Divine Diamond Ministries, a virtual community, to support the spiritual growth and personal development of women. She’s broadened her vision to serve outside of the ministry as well, and now offers transformational life coaching to women of all walks of life.

Whether it’s starting a business or faith-based ministry, advancing in your career, building your brand, or manifesting more of what really matters, Lougenia empowers them to step up and step out to live a life of fulfilled dreams. She offers group and 1:1 “Trailblazing Transformational” coaching, as well as annual retreats and on-line training and seminars. She is the founder of Power-UP | Prosper-NOW, a conference for entrepreneurs of every level, held annually in Philadelphia, PA.

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