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Are you ready to live a more abundant life, but would like support to break old thoughts, cycles, patterns, behaviors, and habits?
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“Money Breakthrough” Laser Group-Coaching Call
Tuesday August 1, 2017
8:00PM – 9:30PMmET
Click the link now for your 90 minutes financial freedom “hot seat” laser coaching

THIS Laser Group-Coaching Call will provide “hot seat” coaching to support you to:

  • help identify root causes of procrastination, doubt,
    anxiety and self-sabotage behaviors.
  • set the path for you to begin to recalibrate your thoughts
    which determine your actions.
  • renew your mindset for a fresh start and new beginnings.
  • adjust your language and raise the bar on the words that you speak understanding that words matter.
  • shift your money old money story and rewrite your new money story.
  • position yourself and embrace the wealth of your soul.

This is your set time of “favor” to unblock 
your money blockers, and shift your money mindset  towards abundance Now!!