We all admire a great Leader or CEO in their calling, genius, and industry, living a purpose-driven life.

We respect them and perhaps want to be leaders like them. Unfortunately, many of you have “limiting beliefs” about who you are and what you can achieve.

Your Seeds of Greatness

You DOUBT and underestimate your talents, gifts, and God-given abilities. You eat or starve your Seeds of GREATNESS. You tolerate triggers. You endure complacency. And ultimately, you settle for less.

As it was once stated, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

But yet you are tempted to ALLOW the trappings of family and generational blueprints, negative mental programming, hurt, and pain to keep you STUCK!

Your Amazing Abundant Life

You find it hard to embrace your royal inheritance as a child of God and your birthright to live a purpose-driven A-mazing and ABUNDANT Life.

Many women fail to realize the importance of coaching and mentorship in reaching their goals or the C-suite. Women must lead from within to empower themselves on an individual level, AMPLIFY their CONFIDENCE, LIBERATE themselves from their fears and LOVE the Queen within!

IF YOU ARE READY TO OWN YOUR CONFIDENCE, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE and become a THRIVING and Successful CEO of your Business or a BRILLIANT Successful Leader in your calling, ministry or niche . . . then it’s time to SHIFT your Mindset, CHANGE THE GAME, SLAY your Goals and SHINE in your Brilliance!!

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God holds Time in the palm of his holy hands and he is a redeemer of it.
The pain of the past is only a set up for the joy of tomorrow. Shine in His GLORY & in your Brilliance.
The BLESSINGS of the Lord makes one whole, complete & rich; and adds no sorrow, shame or guilt.

It’s your set time to evolve to your Next-Level on purpose. It’s your set time to grow forward and embrace your full Kingdom Potential & Power of your Assignment, Anointing, Authority, Leadership, Influence and Impact thru the transformative power of APOSTOLIC MARKETPLACE MENTORSHIP. ❤❤
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Much Love
Dr. Lougenia J. TrialBlazer Rucker
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