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by  |October 15, 2021 | Empowerment

God holds Time in the palm of his holy hands and he is a redeemer of it.

The pain of the past is only a set up for the joy of tomorrow. Shine in His GLORY & in your Brilliance.

The BLESSINGS of the Lord makes one whole, complete & rich; and adds no sorrow, shame or guilt.


It’s your set time to evolve to your Next-Level on purpose. It’s your set time to grow forward and embrace your full Kingdom Potential & Power of your Assignment, Anointing, Authority, Leadership, Influence and Impact thru the transformative power of APOSTOLIC MARKETPLACE MENTORSHIP.

Enrollment is open now, click the link below to learn more about:

“Diamond Heart Prophetic Mentorship”


Much Love

Dr. Lougenia J. TrialBlazer Rucker

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