Are you seeking to start a business or ministry? 

Or perhaps you are ready to take it to the next level? 


Are you a solo-preneur, author, female business owner, start-up entrepreneur, marketplace minister, coach, speaker or ministry leader who is ready to change the game of your life and become intentional about "Up-Leveling" your life and business to a greater place of possibilities and abundance?

12 week STEP-BY-STEP Destiny Blueprint Life Coaching Program for those who want to... 

  • Start a business, go to the next level, write a book or launch a ministry. 
  • Get unstuck and position themselves to achieve abundance now in their mind, body and spirit.
  • Breakthrough manifestation blockers, turning obstacles into winning opportunities, launching forward into Next-Level Living with a greater sense of clarity, fulfillment and achievement.
  • Shift and accelerate forward living their "dream lives" and experience MORE in their personal lives, businesses, ministries, finances and relationships.

If You are Ready, Coachable and Willing to Take Action - here are the next-level outcomes you can experience to help bring your vision to life . . . 

  • Awesome, personalized, one-of-a-kind, next-level, life-changing mentoring and coaching experience with Lougenia TrailBlazer Rucker. 
  • Inspiring, activating and manifesting results with tangible outcomes. 
  • Clarity of mindset and message, enhanced self-awareness, illuminating insights and brilliant "personal" breakthroughs.
  • A deep inner-coaching dive to root out blockages that delay you from owning your voice, vision and marketplace message. 
  • A compelling brand that is defined, developed and designed to attract your ideal client. 
  • A marketing plan designed to help promote your business or ministry to the next level. 


  • You are ready to start a business and/or launch a ministry, or are a Solopreneur, Small Business Owner, Coach, Startup Entrepreneur, Home Business Builder, Ministry Leader or Non-profit Leader who is ready to STOP struggling and START living your destiny life. 
  • If you are seeking to breakthrough to the next level, expand and enlarge your capacity to manifest and live MORE full out as you are called and given the ability and the authority to do so; then this Game Changer Life-Coaching program is for you. 
  • You are committed to personal growth and are seeking higher levels of clarity. You are ready for new opportunities, next-level possibilities and desire personal guidance, along with consistent private one-on-one accountability sessions leading to significant life-SHIFTs which will ignite, fully activate and advance your life's calling, assignment, ministry and/or business.
  • You feel unfulfilled, isolated, challenged or lack direction on what to do next in your life, ministry or business; therefore you would like the support of a Breakthrough Coach. 
  • You are feeling stuck on your success or ministry track and you are ready to get unstuck and onto a WINNING strategy to move forward to the next level of possibility. 
  • You have an amazing dream or vision and want to Excel in achieving your desired outcomes with wise support and wise counsel.
  • You are ready to be held accountable, coached and mentored one-on-one to receive wisdom and a fresh new perspective so that Your GREATNESS is recognized, realized and released.
  • You are ready to fully connect to your calling and passions, go BIG and enlarge your tent with a powerful alliance of like-minded, spiritually evolved and highly motivated women and men for the purpose of support, elevation, collaboration and acceleration. 

This GAME CHANGER Life-Coaching Program will offer you keys to accelerated learning for breakthroughs, shifts and trailblazing transformations.

  • By providing mentoring support to peel off the layers, pushing past the fear of success, fear of failure and the pain of the past -- to gain more clarity of purpose and passion through one-on-one guidance and support to achieve abounding SUCCESS! 
  • By providing coaching support to master the mindset of a servant (ministerial) leader and to obtain your ministerial license, as called by God, if you so desire.
  • By teaching you how to hone basic leadership skills and gain business-building principles to become the CEO of your Life and a successful business and/or ministry. As a result, your "confidence" factor will shift and advance towards a life that vibrates and resonates with everything that you need to be successful and prosperous. 
  • By assisting you to discover and identify your niche market and ideal client. Position yourself to effectively reach and minister to them, providing solutions to their problems. 
  • By supporting you to create your authentic message and marketing influence. 
  • By nurturing you to develop and build your personal brand, marketing, promotional systems and campaigns. 
  • By guiding you on how to expand your network, enlarge your scope and leverage your abilities, skills, products and services which will increase your personal productivity and create personal freedom to enjoy the fruit of your investment and labor. 
  • By offering expert coaching/mentoring calls with Lougenia TrailBlazer Rucker and specialized strategy sessions to empower you to attract the people and resources you need to multiply, increase and excel beyond your own expectations for personal growth, ministry and business development.  


Eight-Modules - Rich content to help you to clarify, build your influence and maximize your impact in 8 powerful On-Line Learning Modules, with posted discussions within an exclusive, private On-Line Resource Community. 

The Modules Include: 

  • Clarity & Confidence - Through the power of coaching/mentoring, peel away the layers to discover your purpose in this season. Position yourself for success on the next level of your life and/or in the marketplace.
  • Mindset Mastery - Master your CEO Mindset & the DNA of success - "Mindset IS Everything" - Clarify your mindset to own your power, create wealth and master your calling.
  • Goal Setting - Achieve your dream life with goal setting. 
  • Build Your Brilliant Brand - Define, design and build your personal Brilliant Brand.
  • Ideal Client - Clearly identify your Ideal Client. Establish rapport, build partnership & harness the power of your community or tribe.
  • Strategies & Systems - Breakthrough ideas to enhance your relationships, business and/or ministry. Develop promotional, marketing and sales strategies for on-line and off-line systems. 
  • Leverage | Launch | Maximize | Monetize - Don't just "announce" but create a Big Bold Launch. Learn to Leverage, Maximize & Monetize. 
  • Q & A - Recap, Review, Feedback, Accountability and Questions/Answers.

Personal Guidance and Kingdom Mentorship - Monthly Small Group Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Prophetic Counseling Calls to keep you on track, accountable and supported with activations and implementations. 

Live 1-On-1 Private Coaching & Strategy Sessions - Laser-focused, 1-on-1 personalized coaching calls (both live and/or virtual) with Lougenia TrailBlazer Rucker. You will have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered and the support you need. Your success will be accelerated. 

Live Virtual Group Coaching Calls & Ministry -Activations Opportunities - Monthly Group Coaching Calls. Prophetic Ministry Activations & Ministry Opportunities to help you develop a more intimate relationship with God at a level of greater self-confidence, authority, authenticity and service to others. 

Strategic Support & Accountability - Comprehensive planning & strategy sessions, practical wisdom and activating life assignments. . . and sooo much more. 

Exclusive Virtual Community 24/7 - Unlimited Email Support and Complimentary Audio Recordings of all sessions. 

------ Super Bonus #1 ------

Formal LIVE Recognition as an esteemed "GAME-CHANGER" Honoree at our Annual Black-Tie Gala at the Regal Ballroom, Philadelphia, PA  

Sunday, September 30, 2018

  Certificate of Completion | Citation of Excellence - for completing the Game-Changer Program

------ Super Bonus #2 ------

Receive your complimentary, autographed copy of UN-Market Your Business by Carol Joyce Dunlop! Here's How. . .

Successful Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs 

UN-Market Your Business is the breakout, #1 International best-selling business book filled with effective marketing strategies that savvy entrepreneurs can use now to profit forward.

Enroll before December 31st, 2017 to receive your complimentary, autographed copy.

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Receive your very own Exclusive "Game-Changer" Gold Journal & Diamond Ink Pen

What People Are Saying

As a graduate of the Game Changer Life Coaching Program with Lougenia Trailblazer Rucker, I can say for certain, that the entire trajectory of my life has been catapulted, shifted, changed, and skyrocketed to new heights. 

Apostle Lougenia is fiercely committed to each mentee’s spiritual and marketplace success. The thrust of the program is about establishing and reaching your goals, accountability and living a life of vision and purpose. Those ideals were strongly enforced through engagement with our Mentor and with one another. This program was birthed in love, and is sustained by a true sense of unity and mutual support.

Until the Game Changer Program, I did not fully realize the significant, life-changing impact mentorship and true sisterhood could have upon my life. This life coaching program has “changed the game” for me in every area of my life. Are there goals yet to be achieved? Yes, growth requires that there always will be, but the tools needed to move forward with my goals have been hardwired into my soul through my connection and involvement with the Program. Thought patterns have been altered, mindsets have been changed and emotions have been placed into proper perspective for me.

There is graciousness, along with an unapologetic tenacity, about how I conduct myself and “show up” in life that is vastly different now in the most rewarding way.

During the program, I set out to accomplish some very strategic goals to move my life forward. With the constant support of our monthly group laser coaching calls, and the encouragement and action plans from my one-on-one mentoring sessions with Apostle Lougenia, I not only reached my goals, but exceeded them and was able to up level my entire sphere of influence.

I am proud and humbled to say that, as a direct result of this Program, I published my first collection of poems and hosted a phenomenal book launch celebration. I also began a custom journal, greeting card and personal tribute business thereby, creating multiple streams of personal income. Further, I was honored to facilitate a “Birthing the Book” Breakout Session at Divine Diamonds Ministries’ phenomenal Power Up/Prosper Now Empowerment Conference held on November 12, 2016 at the infamous Temple University. 

Doors of opportunity abound for me and I am “officially” a Game Changer. The momentum for my life and purpose is perpetually in motion towards even greater life abundance, prosperity, and personal empowerment. I would encourage anyone contemplating how to “elevate” in 2017 to enroll in the Game Changer Life Coaching Program. Everyone needs a mentor, coach, encourager, trailblazer, success strategist and personal accountability partner in their lives who operates in sincere love. Contemplate no longer, your chosen Coach and Mentor is Apostle Lougenia Trailblazer Rucker. I can personally testify that she is, undoubtedly, a woman of wisdom, faith, power and integrity. Invest in yourself and your future by connecting to this Program and tapping in to this tremendous source of POWER for your life PURPOSE today!!!! YOU are more than worth the investment in YOU!!! Register today at www.DIVINEDESTINYINSTITUTE.COM 

Deitre L. Johnson, GAME CHANGER 

Author, Prophetic Poetess, Inspirational Speaker 

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It's Time To Get Clarity, Get Focused and Make Your Vision A Reality! 

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